NEWSLETTER – November 2022

NEWSLETTER – November 2022

Fostering Migrants' Employment in the construction sector

Identifying working opportunities, language competencies, and skillset

National Reports issued for four countries: Germany, Greece, Cyprus, and Turkey

The MITRUST project has developed national reports, in all the partners' countries, with the aim to identify the Construction-related positions where migrants' current employability or potential working opportunities demonstrate higher levels within the sector.

Through these reports, the Mitrust project aims to provide a comprehensive and updated analysis in terms of the necessary language competencies and skillset that meets market demand and current trends.

The national reports have been developed in the framework of Project Result 1 (PR1) entitled “User Requirements for the MITRUST OER Tool” and Task 1: “Analysis of the Construction sector specialties where migrants are most needed as well as analysis of soft and technical skills required”.

The method used by the Mitrust partners involved research, questionnaires, and focus groups with both employers - vet providers and migrants.

Through an approach that examines construction specialties where migrants are most needed and an analysis of soft and technical skills required by migrants, the Mitrust project will define what kind of "intervention" is required (on language/soft skills improvement) and which the primary needs in order to design a new Open Educational Resources Tool oriented specifically for migrant communities per country, which is considered as a core result for the project.

See the National Reports in English:  Germany / Greece / Cyprus / Turkey

Key findings

  • Across all four countries, the primary need expressed by both professionals and Third-Country Nationals (TCNs) was the need to have a good command of the local language (respectively German, Greek, and Turkish).
  • Interviewees explained that language was crucial, both to find work and interact with their colleagues.
  • The need for training in technical skills was mentioned.
  • Some professionals working in the construction sector stressed the need for employees to know the health and safety rules on site and how to use protection equipment properly.
  • Another need identified by both professionals and TCNs was training on soft skills and employability, that is skills such as teamwork, communication, and leadership, and expectations on how to behave in the workplace as well as how to write their resumes, and how to prepare for an interview.
  • In terms of specialties, construction workers/brick masons and electricians were cited as the most needed ones in three of the four countries surveyed. Other specialties mentioned were painter, tile setter, roofer, and plumber.
  • The main skills needed for workers, associated with these specialties, and mentioned in at least two of the four countries surveyed, were the following:
    • Stonework and roofing
    • Electrical wiring
    • Tiling
    • Plumbing
    • Welding

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