The main results of MiTRUST are:

  • The analysis of construction sector specialties where migrant workers are mostly needed
  • The enhancement of migrants’ foreign language competencies and soft skills
  • The increased use of digital tools, multimedia training materials, and Open Educational Recourses in vocational training
  • The increment of the attractiveness of the sector to migrant workers via training
  • The enhancement of migrants’ employability in the construction sector The fostering of migrants’ social inclusion in EU societies and their active participation in society.
  • The reinforcement of synergies between Vocational Training stakeholders, Migrant Associations, and Construction Industries. 


MiTRUST will develop tangible deliverables that include:

  • A Glossary, an e-linguistic support tool with construction-related terminology 
  • The development of new “Soft Skills” curricula, targeted the needs of migrants in the construction 
  • A knowledge database, namely “ConstructionPedia” with multimedia training material for migrant construction workers
  • A Self-assessment Tool will be used by migrants themselves as a method to evaluate their current language competencies, soft skills, and behavior demanded on the construction site.
  • A new innovative OER platform in the form of integrated software in all partner languages.

Analysis of the construction sector specialties where migrant workers are mostly needed

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